Green Porno – Dirty

Green Porno. Have you heard of it yet? I’m not sure people in general will find this as interesting as some, but I think it’s a combination of creepy and genius.

The Sundance Channel and Isabella Rossellini have made a short series called “Green Porno.” The website promises “Live Nudes” just like any other porn site, but the twist, nude bugs?Green Porno - Live Nude Bugs

Upon a more complete investigation one realizes that this isn’t a kinky porn, but an informational piece about how bugs reproduce in our world. This piece is perfect for you if you’ve ever wondered how an Earthworm, Snail, Fly, Spider, Firefly, Bee, Mantis, or Dragonfly reproduce.

Like many other “independent” pieces you must expect some of the unexpected; and while this is an educational and informative piece the language isn’t really meant for your 4-year-old, or for the office for that matter.

I think it will be interesting to see the everyone’s reactions to such an off-kilter piece, especially one with such a graphic title. Porn in general, is usually seen as a dirty word, and Porno is usually seen as the videos you don’t want your kid to see.

I give this project two thumbs up though, and I hope that the world can learn to embrace the fact that bugs and sex are all around us all the time. 🙂