Interlock Lives! – Sold Out, Seriously.

Interlock Lives! Sold Out ShowWith over half of the tickets pre-sold almost 3 days before the event it was standing room only at the Triple Rock on Friday, May 9, 2008. The Interlock family set out to show that the Twin Cities hip-hop scene was still alive and well after a long cold winter in Minnesota, that objective was more than accomplished.

If you missed the show then you missed your chance to get your hands on a physical copy of Prof & Rahzwell’s Kaiser Von Powderhorn. The two rappers wanted to make the Interlock show and its crowd a special one by only giving the “mix tape” away there, don’t fret though, you will still be able to download a digital copy of the album (check back for more information on this).

**Follow-up** ( Added May 13, 2008 )

City Pages magazine was smart enough to review Kaiser Von Powderhorn and music critic Jordan Selbo had this to say about the new EP, “In less than 18 minutes, Prof manages to snatch the crown for best TC rapper of the year.”


Now I leave you with a short clip of “Baby Jacob” from the album Kaiser Von Powderhorn.


Prof & Rahzwell – New Tracks – Killer Shows

Prof & Rahzwell bring the party and this time they’re bringing the party to the Triple Rock on May 9th for the Interlock Lives show. Promised to be the show of shows, lucky attendees will also get a copy of Prof & Rahzwell’s new “mix tape” (which isn’t a tape at all, but rather a CD) called Kaiser Von Powderhorn.

Now for those people out there who just can’t wait to hear the new tracks you can get an early peak of 2 of them on the Prof & Rahzwell MySpace page, or at To give you a preview of the sneak peak I will first ask if you can think of the Chris Brown song “Kiss Kiss.” Now imagine that beat topped with a new take on the lyrics, a better take on it, the hometown party boys did just that.

Friday May 9th marks the date for the show of all shows, and Prof has promised to bring more craziness than he ever has before (there’s even rumor of him showing up in a diaper), so if you’re not planning on seeing these guys then I’m pretty sure you’re either dense or just plain crazy.

I leave you with a video of the single “Gold Teeth” feat. Rahzwell (off their CD Project Gampo) so you can get a preview of what’s sure to be an amazing performance on Friday.