African Millipedes

PhotobucketWhen I was in high school I went to a science focus program, lovingly called Zoo School because it was held at the zoo. It was amazing. The teachers went by their first names, they trusted you, they pushed you, and they offered you the chance to do things most other high school students didn’t get to do. One of those things was an event called Bug Bash.

Bug Bash was a week-long event where fourth graders from around the city came to the zoo for a day to learn about bugs. The Zoo School students would train for a week and then teach all these fourth graders, who loved listening to a high school student rather then their “boring” teachers (as one little girl said).

I worked this event for 2 years, both years I was put at the hissing cockroaches and african millipede booth, something about no one else wanted them. I fell in love with the millipede, they are an amazing creature. When they crawl on your arm or skin it feels like the sensation you get when a limb is waking back up, the needles, it’s crazy.

A few nights ago my friend Ross and I were talking about his tarantula that is the class pet at the school he teaches at. It got me thinking about the african millipede again, I think I would like one as a pet. Now, I’m not sure this desire will come to fruition but the seed has been planted in my head and we shall see where that goes.


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